Mainie Fire & Rain Modal Scarf | Australia Expo 2020 Dubai

Modal Scarf

Product Description

The Fire & Rain design is based on an original painting by traditional Warlpiri artist, Phyllis Napurrurla Williams and depicts the Ngapa Jukurrpa, an ancient Warlpiri Water Dreaming story about how smoke from a fire rose into the sky and formed a large storm cloud. A bird picked up the storm on its wings and carried it over the desert country. When the storm became too heavy for the bird to carry, it fell to the ground as rain. Water is the essence of all life to the desert dwelling Warlpiri people. The coming of the rains at the end of the long dry season is a recurrent theme of many important Warlpiri ceremonies and Dreaming stories.


Weight: 0.39 kg
Dimensions: 24 × 24 × 3 cm



One size

100% Modal, Vegan Friendly.

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