Kakadu Plum Co. Cold Pressed Olive Oil with Tasmanian Pepper | Australia Expo 2020 Dubai

Olive Oil

Product Description

Kakadu Plum Co.’s Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Tasmanian Native Pepper has a robust flavour with a subtle pepper finish that lingers on the palate.
Perfect for grilling, marinating, roasting vegetables and for salad dressing.
Kakadu Plum or Gubinge, has the highest natural source of Vitamin C. Known to have up to 100 times the vitamin C to Oranges, it has been used by Aboriginal people for centuries as the powerful antioxidant and immune boosting superfood.
In line with traditional knowledge and practice from the Traditional Owners who harvest our Kakadu Plums, our powder is the whole fruit (seed and flesh) freeze dried and then milled into a powder, making it a true whole fruit superfood.


Weight: 0.494 kg
Dimensions: 4 × 5 × 24 cm



One size

Glass bottle.

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